What is healthier – tea or coffee?

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Many people ask me whether they should drink caffeine. Is it healthy? Is it safe? Is one better than the other?

How much is okay to drink? What does each do?

My answer is that every one is different. Some people can’t drink coffee, some can’t drink tea, some can’t drink any caffeine at all. Your ideal answer is to get to know your body well and see which feels the best to you. Many of you have taste preferences which I also think are valid. If you prefer the taste of coffee or tea, you should drink the one you like.

In order to best decide which of them you prefer, coffee or tea, I will explain to you the energy aspects of each.

Coffee is hot in its nature, which means that it will warm you, dry you a bit, deplete your yin energy a bit, but at the same time, give you yang energy. If you tend to be a hot/hyper/dry person, you may not want coffee.

Black tea is also warming but not as strongly as coffee, it has some yin preserving qualities.

Green tea is  cooling, yin in its nature and soothing to the nervous system, while still giving caffeine.

Stay tuned for part two, should you add sugar or milk? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    This is a really interesting read about coffee. I adore coffee, can’t live without it. Tea is ok for me but I’d rather stick to coffee.

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