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“With authenticity and humility, Dr. Shiroko demonstrates a natural ability to empower and inspire people.” —Alaina Yoakum, Program Coordinator

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Happiness, Stress, and Balance

Overcoming Adversity

Living Fully – Even with a Chronic or Undiagnosed Illness

Alternative Medicine

Health and Wellness

Integrative Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Mystery Illnesses

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Future of Medicine

Healing When it Seems Impossible

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Why Choose Dr. Shiroko?

  • Thought leader in today’s age of health and medicine.
  • Rare medical expertise
    • Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture and Functional Medicine
    • Surgery Resident for 2 years
    • Emergency Room Physician for 10 years 
    • Integrative Medical Doctor & Acupuncturist for 25+ Years
    • Founder and Owner of Heart to Heart Medical Center since 1993
  • Author of Best-Selling book, “Healing When it Seems Impossible”
  • Creative, innovative and successful in developing healthcare solutions
  • Authentic and inspiring keynotes offer a revolutionary vision of health and immediately applicable tools for better health 
  • Pioneer in a new standard of compassionate care
  • Conceived and created the Disaster Recovery Summit – the first and only charitable summit for victims of disasters
  • Television Producer and Host of “Perspectives on Healing,” a public access TV program
  • Health advice columnist for The Healdsburg Tribune and Sonoma West for 15 Years
  • Prolific expert webinar guest and blogger

Since opening Heart to Heart Medical Center in 1993, Dr. Shiroko has been a leader in integrative medical solutions and developed a revolutionary approach to holistic health. Her powerful and impactful program touches the heart of challenges faced by both healthcare professionals and individuals who are dealing with chronic, mysterious, or difficult conditions.

Dr. Shiroko’s expertise and unique perspective on hormones, the immune system, and the nervous system (which she calls the Triangle of Wellness™) her life-long commitment to love, and her tenacious drive to find answers offers solutions to heal, even when it seems impossible. Her keynotes are offered to healthcare professionals for a variety of CEU credits.

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch believes in your body and its ability to heal. Her mission is simple: she wants you to feel good – to become friends with your body, and to experience the lasting vitality that is your birthright. As a practicing physician, acupuncturist, and Functional Medicine doctor, her 25+ years of diverse medical experience gives her an edge at navigating and solving difficult conditions that seem to defy diagnosis or resolution.

From Healthcare professionals and industry leaders to individuals who are dealing with difficult issues and are desperate for relief, to anyone who is experiencing a seemingly impossible challenge, Dr. Shiroko offers a life-changing vision of healing, hope, and perseverance. As she states, “You can heal—no matter what!”



All programs can be used for CME’s or CEU’s.


From Knives to Needles – Tools for Progressive Medical Professionals

Alternative Keynote Titles:

  • Chinese Medicine: A Lens to Healing
  • Understanding the Body through Chinese Medicine
  • Crisis or Opportunity? Healing as a Journey
  • Decoding the Body’s Mysteries: An Integrative Medical Approach
  • Accelerate Your Healing: Chinese Medicine as a Tool to Learn

How do you heal when the prescribed remedy fails and no matter what you do, nothing seems to help? In this bold and transformative keynote, Dr. Shiroko brings her innovative, effective and compassionate approach to wellness to your company or conference. With an integrative vision towards health, you will learn that Chinese medicine is not only a healing modality – it is a map to understand the mysterious communications of the body – and one that you can use!

Having worked with thousands of patients who have suffered from undiagnosed, chronic, or unexplained conditions, Dr. Shiroko intimately understands the difficulties that healthcare professionals face when patients don’t respond well to a prescribed remedy. She is an authority at combining Western and Chinese medicine, having spent over 25 years devoted to finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems. 

Dr. Shiroko empowers audiences to trust the wisdom of their bodies and achieve optimal health, happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in their lives and at work. Her ability to inspire and affect audiences makes her an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals and a lead educator for integrative medicine. Each keynote is customized to meet the particular needs of the client.

In this powerful keynote, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify basic principles of Chinese medicine
  • Assess the mental, emotional, and spiritual influences on physical healing 
  • Respond to the body’s messages and address what is needed to heal
  • Apply essential keys to solve difficult health conditions
  • Renew your faith in your body and its ability to heal
  • Use tools for resiliency when facing adversity
  • Interpret symptoms as a map toward healing
  • Develop your grit and motivation to find health solutions


Healing When It Seems Impossible: 7 Keys to Defy the Odds

Alternative Titles:

  • Your Heroic Healing Journey
  • Crisis or Opportunity? A Guide to Overcoming Pain and Discovering Purpose
  • Crisis or Opportunity? Healing as the Beginning of a Journey
  • Never, Ever Giving Up: Overcoming Adversity
  • Perfect Health: Thinking Outside the Box
  • Mystery Illness? Incorporating 7 Keys and Chinese medicine
  • There is No Box! Discovering a Life of Vibrant Health

You have the ability to live a full and vibrant life – no matter what! Dr. Shiroko openly acknowledges the difficulties that are a part of the healing process and directs you to create a positive, nurturing relationship with your body. With over 25+ years of medical experience, Dr. Shiroko is the authority on blending Chinese and western medicine. Her extraordinary and powerful healing approach encourages you to look “outside the box” of traditional concepts around health and healing, to find your own unique path – a path where you are the hero of your own journey. 

Sharing personal stories and patient successes, Dr. Shiroko’s life-changing keynote provides practical and proven tools to tap into, understand, and act upon what your body is telling you in order to accelerate your healing process. 

Her message is clear: “When healing is your goal and you make friends with your body something astonishing happens… By learning to listen, trust, understand, and act upon what your body is saying – not from a place of judgment or blame, but from a place of love – you become whole in your body, mind, and spirit.  From that place, you can heal.”

Dr. Shiroko’s transformative keynote will give you tools to:

  • Create a path for lasting health, vitality, and wellness
  • Discern your body’s messages
  • Gain confidence in your ability to heal
  • Apply skills to integrate, channel, and activate your energy
  • Develop your ability to handle obstacles and adversity
  • Employ real solutions to customize your wellness practice into your daily life
  • Lose your fear of illness
  • Integrate the Chinese medicine perspective on healing
  • “We can’t solve the impossible with ideas that we’ve already tried ... which is why it seems impossible! In order to defy the odds and heal, we need to use our imagination. It means thinking so far outside the box that there is no box—because no box can contain you!”

    Dr. Shiroko
  • “If we can assume that the body is intelligent and is working on your behalf, then what is it trying to show you when there’s trouble?” 

    Dr. Shiroko
  • “I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Shiroko speak on many occasions… Her presentation gently yet deftly compels the audience to consider trying something new with their health and/or lifestyles… It is my sincere hope that she gets worldwide attention so that she can spread her message of healing and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.” 

    Marie Border Renew Systems, President
  • “Dr. Shiroko has this wonderful way of speaking. She’s thoughtful and calm as she shares her thoughts and perspective. Although she knows much more than we do, she breaks down the info so we understand and get educated and still feel like peers. We learned ways to care for ourselves and how Eastern medicine is helpful. Audience members commented on how it’s nice to have the credibility of the MD mixed with the alternative, larger view of medicine!”

    K.R., EVENT PLANNER, SECTION ON AGING Sonoma County Section on Aging

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