How to detox in a healthy way

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Many people ask me about detoxing and what to do for it. As with so many other things, healing is not a one size fits all process, each person is different. This is also true about detoxing. Each person’s ability to to detox and cleanse is different.

Here are some basics that I recommend.

How you detox depends on the season. Spring and early summer or late summer are the best time of year. If you detox in winter, eat all your food cooked, use seasonal vegetables

Eat clean healthy foods during that time, simplify your diet. No fats or oils,  no dairy, wheat or other white carbohydrates. Lots of vegetables, very light proteins. Eat only whole grains.

Certain supplements help detoxify in a gentle way. I like chlorella, or blue green algae.

Consider using colon cleansing herbs such as bentonite clay, fiber supplements, and other herbs to scrub out the colon for about a week.

Spend time in loving contemplation of your life and path as you cleanse your body.

Be grateful for your life.





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