Food allergies

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Food allergies are an interesting problem. They disguise themselves as all sorts of things. They can cause digestive problems, joint pains, congestion, asthma, weird rashes, fatigue, light headedness, foggy brain, or headaches. Some allergies are severe and life threatening such as the peanut allergies that cause anaphylactic shock. People who get these allergies are usually born with them.

Other food allergies develop from eating too much of that food, or being given a food as a child that your body wasn’t ready to cope with. Honey and strawberries are two foods that very young babies aren’t able to handle. Giving them the foods too soon can cause them to develop allergies.

A condition called leaky gut, can cause your intestines to absorb nutrients that haven’t been properly broken down into digested molecules. When these compounds get into the blood stream, the immune system thinks there’s something wrong and attacks them. Leaky gut is caused by certain medications, infections, and….interestingly, food allergies. If you get a blood test to check for allergies, and find that you’re allergic to too many foods, most likely this is the problem. You have to heal the inflammation caused by the chemical reaction to the food. Then you can heal the leaky gut. After the inflammation is gone, you might actually be able to eat that food in moderation again.



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