Thyroid Disorders – What are the symptoms?

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“When you have an autoimmune thyroid condition, a lot of time you have to find the root cause in order to feel better.” Shiroko Sokitch

Do you have a thyroid or autoimmune issue?

Knowing how to detect it is key, so if you’re wondering how to do that, be sure to watch this recent Facebook Live video I recorded. I shared the possible symptoms of thyroid imbalance, how to diagnose it properly, and ways to prevent and treat an imbalance.

You will learn which supplements can best support the thyroid, but also why you should be cautious with taking supplements and thyroid medications.

Keep watching this video until the end, as I’m sharing what kinds of foods can trigger the thyroid so you can choose to avoid them.😃🙌

Key things to remember:

  • Be cautious with taking supplements.
  • Infections can develop thyroid issues (Epstein-Barr virus for example).
  • Chronic infections in your gut could cause a thyroid problem.
  • You may want to avoid gluten.
  • There are 10 steps in thyroid hormone production.
  • You can ask for the RBC Selenium test.

Watch the full video here:

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