Seasonal Depression – How to Manage it

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“Find ways to have more LOVE and to listen to people who are struggling and make sure that they have an opportunity to share what is in their heart.” Shiroko Sokitch

Are you having a hard time saying NO to the people who seem to count on you?

Saying YES when you actually meant to say NO can develop a lot of stress and that can result in depression.

During the Winter and holiday seasons, we are often faced with stress over obligatory gatherings or the pressures of gifting and “keeping up.” The darker, colder months and the more decadent foods we turn to are often part of the equation for many as well.

In this Facebook Live video, I share the symptoms, causes, and how to manage of seasonal depression. Also at the end of this video, I share some information about staying away from certain foods when having depression. Make sure you keep watching until the end to learn more about it.😃🙌

Key things to remember:

  • Try to make time for things that make you feel good.
  • Find a way to listen more to people who are struggling.
  • Be more aware of the symptoms and the causes behind those symptoms.
  • Wintertime is the time of the kidneys according to Chinese medicine.

Watch the full video here:

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