Self Healing to Boost Your Immune System

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You can touch certain places on your body to help build your immune system.

– Dr. Shiroko Sokitch


These days your immune system is vitally important to your health. As an acupuncturist, I’ve been helping people with their immune system for many years. 

In this quick video, I will be showing you a few ways that you can use self-acupressure or self-healing techniques to give your immune system a boost. You will learn 3 different areas and massaging and tapping movements that will aid your health and strengthen your immunity.


Key things to remember:

  • How to use acupressure as a self-healing technique.
  • Why pressure can help your immune system.
  • Points on your clavicle that will help strengthen your immune system.
  • The points on your lung meridian that you can massage.
  • Where your thymus is and how tapping it is good.


Watch the full video here:

Resources Mentioned:


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