Healing Heartburn & Reflux – The dangers of heartburn medications

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Heartburn medications may prevent you from having heartburn in the moment or for a period of time but staying on them for long periods of time can cause vitamin deficiencies where you’re not able to absorb vitamins or certain nutrients.

– Dr. Shiroko Sokitch


Have you been suffering from heartburn or reflex lately? If so, you’re not the only one. A lot of patients in my practice deal with various forms of these issues and I have some key ways to help them prevent and heal it. 

Sometimes you may live with a symptom for a while and just assume that it’s okay. Or maybe you’ve been taking medications to prevent or relieve your reflux issues. In this video I’ll discuss the dangers of staying on these types of medication long term and some options you have for treating and preventing heartburn and reflux safely.


Key things to remember:

  • The dangers of heartburn and reflux medications.
  • Why reflux medications are not a long term solutions.
  • The causes of heartburn.
  • How I treat heartburn and reflux.
  • Supplements that help reflux.
  • What you can eat that will help you avoid heartburn issues.
  • Why you may have too little stomach acid.


Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/g8bnvLnJo_w

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