Perimenopause – Knowing the symptoms and finding solutions

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For many women, a lot of the symptoms are really because they have much less progesterone than they have estrogen.”- Shiroko Sokitch🌹


Did you know that perimenopause can begin as early as age 35 or for some women, even in their early thirties? 

It’s important to know that different women have different times of their lives when they start to feel these symptoms. 

In this video, I talk all about hormones, perimenopause, and the variety of symptoms that go along with perimenopause.

I also explain how Chinese Medicine looks at this topic and the importance of certain organs during menopause.

Closer to the end, I mention that there are plenty of ways to get through this without having to use heavy-duty drugs (and what that means for you!). So make sure you watch until the end, maybe there is a way through this that you have not thought of yet.


Key things to remember:

  • Acupuncture can be very helpful when having menopausal symptoms.
  • Know that there are lots of herbs that can have a positive effect on periods and the energy flow of your body.
  • Do not over-exercise.
  • Avoiding junk food can make a huge difference during menopause.
  • Drinking alcohol is not helping you sleep better.
  • Sleeping on time and having enough sleep is very important for your whole body when allowing it to heal and function well.

Watch the full video here:

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