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“How do you know if you experiencing high blood pressure?”

In this recent Facebook Live video, I explained the possible causes of high blood pressure in terms of Western Medicine.

You will get to hear about high blood pressure from the perspective of Chinese Medicine and how the balance of energy plays its role. I also shared some helpful, easy self-acupressure point techniques you can apply to manage your blood pressure.

Furthermore, you will also learn about the importance of one key supplement that relaxes your blood vessels, soothes your entire nervous system, and calms down your liver. I share this at the end of this video, so make sure you keep watching.😃🙌

Key things to remember:

  • Use acupressure point techniques for fast results.
  • Importance of being aware of your breathing.
  • How supplements can help your overall nervous system.
  • Be aware of the foods you eat if you suffer from high blood pressure.
  • How functional medicines can guide your treatment of your blood pressure.
  • Blood pressure above 160 over 90+ means it’s high.

Watch the full video here:

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