Low Back Pain – Why lower back pain occurs and how to deal with it

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“Getting the right exercise to help your body heal really makes a huge difference so I vote for physical therapy if you’re having a lot of issues with low back pain.“ Shiroko Sokitch


Are you ready to find the root cause of low back pain?

Lower back pain is not always caused by a herniated disc or by a tight muscle in your lower back. So, what else could it be?

In this Facebook Live video, you will learn why it may not be what you think and hear about the broader spectrum of different components that are connected to “why low back pain” occurs and what could help it.

I also explain a little about one of the chakras, and where it’s connected to.

Furthermore, I talk about how nerve problems might occur, what is happening in and around the spinal and how we can reverse this.

Keep watching this video as I also explain the importance of exercise and which muscles are supporting your lower back.

Key things to remember:

  • Find the emotional spiritual physical root cause.
  • Getting the right exercise to help support and strengthen your spine.
  • The thing about supporting and healing low back pain is feeling supported by life.
  • Finding the right support on an emotional level will also help healing.
  • Eat the right foods that are anti-inflammatory, to prevent inflammation.
  • Acupuncture can help with nerve issues in the spinal area.


Watch the full video here: youtu.be/aGx8fbgtQk8

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