Staying Healthy Through The Holidays – Boosting your immune system

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Are you prone to get sick during the holidays?

A lot of my patients do, especially people who have kids.

Holidays can be a quite stressful period of time and in this Facebook Live video, I explain how to minimize the stress of the holidays and how to stay healthy throughout the whole season..😃🙌

Here are some key things to remember:

Supplement Regimen for the season

• Boost your immune system before you travel to family or friends with vitamins C and D. I always like to prescribe  a liquid tincture called Immune Charge to my clients, it’s packed with vitamins C, D, A, E,  K and elderberry. It’s easy to take as a liquid “shot” and easy to travel with. Of course you can also use individual vitamins as well.

• Immune Active is a specific product that is also very effective. It contains Quercetin, NAC, zinc, green tea, and Vitamin C. This product contains ingredients that have been shown to help eliminate viruses, support immune system and prevent long COVID. 

• Another good immune booster is medicinal mushrooms because they also help your protective mechanisms and strengthen your body.

• You can order the entire Dr. Shiroko Immune support bundle here: Dr Shiroko Immune Support

Other Suggestions: 

•Of course, I recommend acupuncture at the seasonal transition time for patients who are not coming often for regular acupuncture, to help support their body.

•Make sure you spend time with the  people where you feel relaxed and happy during the holidays.

•Don’t let your schedule make you feel overwhelmed, make space for the things you need to do in a relaxed fashion.

•Make sure you and your kids get enough rest during this time of year to protect the immune system.

•Try to avoid unhealthy food and sugar intake. as it  shuts down your immune system for several hours.

•If you travel – see the above immune support supplements to help ease your body – Dr Shiroko’s Immune Support

•The most important thing is to do what makes you happy because when you are happy, everyone around you will feel that energy and they will be happy too. Try to avoid pleasing others – unless it also pleases you! .

Watch the full video here:

Staying Healthy Through The Holidays - Boosting your immune system

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