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If you’ve eagerly read my blog posts about pain, I’m excited to introduce a valuable resource to you. Dr. Joe Tatta’s new release “Heal Your Pain Now: The Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life” is soon to be available in both e-book and print format. It is complete with dietary and lifestyle recommendations, self-assessments and quizzes, and both meal plans and recipes. It is a program proven to make your pain a thing of the past.

Joe Tatta Meet Dr. Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta is a doctor of physical therapy, board certified nutrition specialist and functional medicine practitioner. He is also a personal friend of mine. He specializes in treating persistent pain and lifestyle-related musculoskeletal, metabolic and autoimmune health issues. He’s developed a free pain quiz that you can take in less than 2 minutes. Take the quiz here!

His new book, “Heal Your Pain Now: The Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life” is already a #1 new release. If you’ve struggled to make sense of chronic pain, his program is for you. It is easy to follow and will give you all the tools you need. Together, you will break free from a life of pain. Joe also reaches out to those who struggle with weight. He provides support and precise steps to overcome this battle for good.

If discomfort is a part of your life, you can take control again. Whether your pain is due to an injury, inflammation, autoimmune disease, musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain, or weight gain, “Heal Your Pain Now” can help you find the relief you need. Joe recognizes that overcoming pain is not a “One-size-fits-all” program. Instead, he introduces several steps in which you’ll identify the source of your pain. He also walks you through a strategy to eliminate these issues so that pain is no longer a presence in your life.

“Heal Your Pain Now: The Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life” is available for Pre-order now. It is also available in all formats on February 7, 2017. Reserve your copy today by clicking here!

Join me for the Pain Free Living Interview Series

You know that I spent the month of December writing about pain. It’s one of the things I spend most of my time treating in my practice, and I have sworn my commitment to help end the suffering caused by pain. 

So, when my friend Laya approached me to be one of the featured speakers in her Pain Free Living Interview Series and told me who else she interviewed, I knew I wanted to be involved.

Laya gathered the top practitioners in functional medicine and holistic health. These pioneers are defining a new way to practice medicine. Rather than treating symptoms, the new medicine model focuses on optimal function of the whole body. This is the key to pain relief.
I want you to hear this series because PAIN FREE LIVING IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

You can hear my interview on February 2, 2017. 

Here’s what you will learn:

  • how your brain chemistry can increase or reduce your pain
  • why finding the root cause of your pain is the key to pain relief
  • which foods, supplements and heat therapies will reduce your pain
  • how movement can heal chronic inflammation
  • additional highly effective methods and techniques

Are you ready?

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