Can You Avoid Surgery with Acupuncture?

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Acupuncture on a Different Level– bone-on-bone injuries & inflammation

Surgery can be a scary prospect and it is often presented as the only option when it comes to relief and healing from chronic pain in knees, hips and backs. You may be unaware that acupuncture can help and heal many injuries and chronic pain issues that are generally thought to be only curable through surgery.

If you have a condition where someone has told you- you’re “bone on bone” you may have some misunderstanding what that means. It does mean that the protective tissue between your bones may be reduced or gone. You may think that the pain is caused by the bone on bone movement of your body, but it isn’t. There are many people walking around with bone on bone and not having pain. Inflammation causes the pain. Repeated irregular movement or recurrent issues that cause the tissues to erode, dietary factors, even emotional stressors all contribute to ongoing inflammation.  So, the solution to a chronic issue such as degenerative knee, hip, or spine pain is to heal the inflammation. Acupuncture is one tool that can help with this. In some cases, the acupuncture can actually help reverse the disc compression!

Stimulating Natural Healing

By getting energy moving in your body, acupuncture helps to stimulate the natural healing responses in your body. Eroded and enflamed tissues are often able to heal naturally so it’s a good idea to try this before resorting to more invasive measures.

Relaxing Muscles

Acupuncture is a great way to relax your muscles when they have become tense. Especially with disc issues, you need to relax the muscles that are pulling your bones closer and causing the discs in your spine to deflate. It’s actually possible to re-inflate your discs and fluff up the tissue through the increased oxygenation and circulation provided by acupuncture.

In many cases, surgery can be avoided, while in others, surgery can be delayed for a long time simply by stimulating your natural healing abilities with acupuncture. When it comes to chronic lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain or any other joint you may feel is impossible to heal, there is hope! It’s best to catch these issues early on but even after long-term pain, I’ve had patients who were able to avoid surgery and get rid of the pain.

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