Spring: A Time for Healing & Rebirth

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Why is Spring a perfect time for healing and renewal? Many of you may already understand some of the significance of Spring when it comes to rebirth and rejuvenation but I’m going to go a little deeper into the effect Springtime has on our ability and willingness to heal. This is the best time to dive into new ways of healing and I’ll explain why.

It’s a beautiful spring day and the leaves are green, the trees have bloomed outside my window, birds are chirping – it’s an amazing day. As the end of my Seasonal Reboot draws near and the healing effects of it are in full force and I am feeling a great desire to share with you the options and possibilities out there to bring healing into your life.

A Time of Rebirth

Spring is a time of rebirth that you can sense all around you.  It’s not only that the trees start blooming again and the leaves, flowers and birds seem to burst into life again after a long period of resting. In the same way, rebirth is also happening in our bodies. This is a time when your body is naturally increasing in energy. It’s like the sap is also flowing in our veins – filled with more energy. So you have an opportunity at this time to embark on a healing journey.

Healing Journey

Even if you’ve been struggling with your health for a while, this is the perfect time to increase your efforts on your healing journey.  Maybe it’s time to try something you’ve never tried before or begin a new regimen of healing. The increased energy in your cells around this time of year can actually accelerate your healing process.

Your cells are meant to be in constant communication with each other, when you’re not feeling well, the communication between them could be off. Because there is increased natural life energy during this time of year, it’s almost as if your cells WANT to communicate with each other more.  You just have to help them re-establish the signals that will help them heal. Take advantage of the powerful effects of Springtime and get going on your healing journey now.


Inexplicable ailments, chronic pain and other mystery issues with your body do not have to be a forever thing. You can heal! Pick up a copy of my book – Healing When It Seems Impossible: 7 Keys To Defy The Odds.

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