How To Listen To Your Body Part 3 – Using Chinese Medicine

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“The heart in Chinese medicine regulates your physical heart but also it is the house where your spirit lives – which is so cool because, in our Western culture, we always think about the heart as the place of love. It is also true in Chinese medicine. And it’s also true in an emotional and spiritual way that it protects and takes care of our spirit and that our spirit lives in our heart.”-Shiroko Sokitch 💛


Are you suffering from certain symptoms in your body, and don’t seem to find the answers with Western Medicine?

In this video, I explain how in Chinese Medicine we can find explanations rather than in Western Medicine.

I also share the different kinds of symptoms that are connected to liver imbalances and kidneys from the perspective of Chinese Medicine.

Something else that isn’t recognized in Western Medicine is that there is a spiritual function for each organ.

Would you like to discover the spiritual function of the lungs? Make sure you watch until the end and also stay tuned for part 4.😃🙌

Key things to remember:

  • In Chinese Medicine, your kidneys strengthen your bones.
  • Every organ in Chinese Medicine has emotional and spiritual functions.
  • If you understand what organ is out of balance you can start to think about how to get it back in balance.


Watch the full video here:

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