Healing from Pain

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Healing from Pain

I often get asked why I do what I do? I’ve been doing acupuncture and dedicating my life to helping people heal for over 20 years. When I think about my “why” one of the main reasons is that I hate pain. As a surgical resident I remember working on the burn unit and cleaning people’s wounds – it was incredibly painful for them and I often felt helpless to make it better. The narcotics we gave weren’t that effective, mostly they just knocked them out. I wanted to find a method that would help alleviate pain better than what we had. It’s one reason I learned more about acupuncture, I hoped that I would be able to alleviate pain. Well – it turns out that acupuncture is a great tool for pain, and but there are other things too.

Pain is one thing that every person I have ever seen has in one form or another. It can be physical pain, emotional, spiritual or a combination of all of the above.

In my upcoming interview on Dr. Joe Tatta’s Pain Summit – A FREE event with 30 expert interviews on how to heal pain. Each expert has different areas of expertise that will provide information about how to heal. My topic is how love and Chinese Medicine help with healing. It doesn’t just help emotional and spiritual pain, it is also helpful when you have physical pain. Love is the juice that allows your body to relax into healing. When you are able to love your own body while its in pain, or pour some love on to a painful situation, you can create more healing for your body. My interview is on the 4th day of the summit – September 17, 2015 – here is the link – http://www.helpfeelbetternow.com.

In order to get physical relief from pain several things need to happen. You need to know the root cause of the problem and eliminate it. In Chinese medicine, pain is viewed as a blockage of energy in the affected area. In order to heal, the energy needs to get unblocked. Many factors affect pain – including injury, poor digestion, poor nutrition, low hormones, emotional trauma, and infections. Using Chinese medicine to diagnose a condition I can isolate which of these is the cause of the problem and then direct our treatment to the solution.

We are all unique. Sometimes when we’re in pain, we just want instant relief by taking a medication or icing the affected area. When pain becomes long term or chronic, we have to look more deeply to find the answers. There is some sort of lesson or learning for us within the situation. If we use curiosity and love to explore and gently ask questions of our bodies, we can open the door to more healing.




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