Can Miracles of Healing Happen to You?

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Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that they can happen to you?

I’m here to talk about the miracles of healing and why you should never give up on finding healing – no matter where you are or what your journey looks like.

What is a miracle?

A miracle in healing is an event that occurs that is unexpected or different from what you would normally think would happen. Many times we assume too much based on our condition and what we have and haven’t tried before. When it comes to healing, miracles happen all the time so never rule yourself out.

Finding My Purpose

I believe that one of my most important purposes in life is to help people experience miracles in healing. Ever since I was very young, my great grandmother was my very best friend. One day she collapsed in front of me and when that happened, I didn’t know what to do. A few days later and after she had been taken to the hospital, my mom came to tell me that my great grandmother had died. On that day I decided that I wanted to find a way to bring her back into my life. I started to imagine a miracle that could possibly bring her back to me. That day, I became determined to have miracles of healing.

The Battle with Daily Headaches

My patient, Julie came in for help because she had excruciating headaches every single day. These headaches started a few  years previously when she had sustained a few head injuries. She had tried everything to find relief from her headaches. By the time she arrived in my office, she was unable to go to work or do her normal sports activities.  Her whole life was being destroyed by these headaches and I could see the anguish in her face and the faces of her family members who sat with her in my office to discuss the possibility of healing or finding any kind of relief for her. She had even tried acupuncture without any sign of relief.

The Path to Healing

First I suggested that she go on a gluten and dairy free diet. Often when you’re in chronic pain, you can develop leaky gut – a condition where foods that you may not have reacted to ever before can cause an allergic reaction. Gluten especially can be hard on the nervous system. I then gave her a special acupuncture treatment for head injuries. Her headache got better the very same day of the acupuncture treatment. After just a few months of following the diet and getting a couple more acupuncture treatments, Julie was back to work and and active in sports again. She was able to live and enjoy her life as a functional young woman again.

Never Give Up

This is just one story that shows why it is so important to never give up on healing – even if you think you have tried everything or have experienced pain or sickness for too long, there is always hope. Every situation may not be this easy and healing may not always work this quickly, but sometimes miracles happen and you heal seemingly suddenly and unexpectedly. Hold out for miracles, and never give up on on your healing journey.  Wherever you are and whatever you’re battling, healing is possible.


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