Becoming Pain-Free – Interview with Jane Hogan about healing the root causes of chronic pain

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“I want people to know that THEY can be the ones who can reverse pain or whatever is going on in their body. We are the empowered ones in our health.” – Jane Hogan

Have you ever heard that our thoughts and our beliefs can lead to illness?

They are kind of passed on in our families and are possibly even more impactful than our genes. In a recent Facebook Live video, I got to interview my dear friend Jane Hogan about her upcoming “Becoming Pain-Free Summit”. In this summit, she addresses the complicated connections between our genes, mindset, and health.

Would you like to know the fastest way to start your healing process? Make sure you watch this video until the end for more amazing tips from Jane on how to become pain-free. And if you are suffering from chronic illnesses, then don’t forget to sign up to get access to all the tools.

Becoming Pain-Free: Healing the Root Causes of Chronic Pain is online and FREE from July 18-24, 2022.

Go here: where I will be speaking as well.

Key things to remember:

  • Change your way of thinking.
  • Focus more on your breath.
  • Make sure you are calm when you eat.
  • We are the empowered ones in our health, we are the ones that can heal ourselves.
  • Our thoughts are powerful.
  • Try tapping certain points on your body.

Watch the full video here:

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