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First acacia trees, then other trees, flowers, grasses, and finally weeds plague more people each season. This year promises to be a whopper. The immune system overreacts to the stimuli of pollens, dust, fungi, and other airborne irritants. Natural treatments can alleviate the severity of allergies and even prevent them from coming on.


In the system of Chinese medicine, allergies result from a combination of imbalances in the body. Springtime is the season of the liver when sap begins flowing in the trees. Liver rules the smooth flow of energy in the body and helps the body with detoxification. It is sensitive to wind and the emotion of anger. If the lungs and immune system are already weak, spring winds agitate liver energy and trap it in the respiratory system, leading to allergy symptoms.


Allergies are not a simple thing. It requires a series of treatments and herbs that may take more than one season to get the body into balance so it will not react to pollens and other things.


Using acupuncture and Chinese herbs several months before allergy season arrives can prevent symptoms. Even if allergies have already begun, treatment can help reduce symptoms.

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