The law of attraction and health

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People are talking a lot about the law of attraction. The idea being that whatever you think, you create. So you have to think good thoughts to draw good things to your life.

With your health, it would seem logical that this is also true. It gets a bit tricky to think that your thoughts also create your health. Especially when you get something like cancer or a have a bad accident. How could your thoughts have created that? People often feel like that statement implies that they are at fault somehow for their illness. In some cases, your thoughts did create an illness. I had a client whose biggest fear was cancer and she worried about it incessantly. Eventually she ended up having breast cancer. But this isn’t usually what happens. Usually it isn’t that our thoughts create our disease, its that our thought contribute to an energy imbalance, which sets us up for disease.

Besides the law of attraction, there is also something in us that wants us to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. In my experience, most of the people I’ve worked with who got a serious illness or injury did not create it with their thinking. Usually they were busy with productive, active lives and they were taken completely by surprise. When they got it, everything had to change and the illness or injury ended up transforming their lives. It was created so that they could grow.



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