Allergies Part 2 – Supplements

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Western herbs, homeopathy and some basic nutritional supplements alleviate symptoms of allergies. Stinging nettle has an amazing impact on allergy symptoms and as a bonus relieves joint pains caused by arthritis. Butterbur in the form of a product called “Petadolex” can help prevent migraines in addition to providing allergy relief. Bee pollen from local bees, if taken by the teaspoonful once a day before the season starts, immunizes the body against the pollens.

Various antioxidants such as quercetin, N. Acetyl Cysteine, vitamin C, and rutin stabilize the immune cells involved in the allergic response. Meaning that they make your immune system feel strong enough to resist the allergen. They are available in health food stores, they prevent symptoms and over time strengthen the immune system to reduce reaction. Bromelain – an enzyme taken on an empty stomach – penetrates inflamed areas to reduce reactions.

Western medical therapies are available as a last resort for people who don’t respond to alternative treatments. There are nasal and inhaled steroids, various antihistamines, decongestants, and allergy shots. If possible, I don’t recommend using steroids on a long term basis. Over the years, I’ve seen so many people have negative effects from them. Of course if you have no other choice, you have to use them, but I’d say only on a short term basis. One product that seems to encourage your natural ability to stop allergies is – Cromolyn sodium an inhaled product that prevents allergic cells from reacting by stabilizing the immune cells. You begin using it two weeks before you expect allergies to start.


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  • Sandy Peace

    Dr. Shiroko, thank you for this timely post on herbal and other natural alternatives to allergy relief and healing. I heard a recent interview with an MD on NPR and he didn’t even mention the solutions you provided, let alone offer them as the first choice for healing the body’s ability to deal with allergens. Your perspective is so valuable…I hope it makes it on to NPR next allergy season so more people can benefit from this information.

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