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Hi Everyone

Welcome to my new blog page. I’m so happy to share my new blog with you. I hope you find it helpful and informative.

Since its fall its time to think about your immune system. This morning’s hint is if you overdo it on the weekend, and you wake up with a sore throat, gargle with hydrogen peroxide. Ideally, gargle three times in one hour, this will kill the virus that’s trying to creep in.

If you don’t know how to do Hydrogen peroxide gargle, its easy, just take normal drug store H2O2 and dilute it with water or a little mouth wash, by half. Then take a small amount in your mouth and gargle it way back into your throat, try to keep it there for one full minute. Sometimes you have to start and stop again.

The other thing is to take a bunch of herbs frequently in the course of the first day your body is trying to get sick. Wellness formula, Yin qiao, Gan Mao Ling or Sinus and Respiratory (New Chapter) take a couple of pills every two hours for the day, it should stop the cold in its tracks.

Ideally you will also rest on the day that you start to get sick, but almost no one ever does that. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • Francis Ginter

    Dear Shiroko,

    Thanks for that information. I’ll give it a go next year when the cold flu gets back into gear down here in Sydney. I’ve got a couple of questions around this subject for you.

    1) Do stimulants such as coffee or tea negate the cold-onset effects of taking the above mentioned herbs?

    2) Prior to this winter I received a free Flu Vaccination from my work. I’ve made it through the winter with only one little bug which didn’t keep me from work. Does a standard Flu Vaccination aid in the prevention of the Common Cold?

    Thanks for your help.
    -Cranky Oz Franky

  • Reply

    its another great Doctor give her idea to all. thanks for sharing your great and awesome idea on how to prevent the flu. this is a great help for us.

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