How to keep kids from getting the flu without a shot

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Many parents are feeling tremendous pressure to give their kids a flu shot this year. Swine flu has been localized in many schools. Quite often even if you’re willing to risk getting sick yourself, you won’t want to have your child get sick. Its better to have a strong immune system and protect your child from all the illnesses out there, than to have a shot that only fights one or three viruses. It depends on the age of your child, but there are many things you can do to keep your child healthy.

1. Make sure that your child gets protein for breakfast every morning, cold cereal with milk is not a quality food.

2. Make sure she has warm clothes when its cold out, especially a scarf and hat.

3. make sure she gets enough rest during stressful times, including the holidays. When things get really exciting its hard to get rest

4. As much as possible show them how to keep their hands clean and not spread mucous around.

5. Omega fatty acids are essential for brain function, immune system, and healthy development

6. If your child is prone to get sick, a supplement like children’s astragalus or Elderberry extract can help boost the immune system. He should start taking it at the beginning of the season and have it every day.

7. Probiotics help the gut work better and build defenses.

8. Extra vitamin C is also helpful for children who are prone to get sick

9. During really stressful times, its best not to have too much sugar. Sugar stops the immune system from functioning at its best.

10. If your child starts to get sick, there are herbs for all ages that will help quickly, and shorten the course of the illness


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