The Healing Power of Love: Science based techniques

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“The first key to healing and feeling well is – LOVE.” – Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

In this video you will learn about the healing power of love.

I will also be sharing some simple things that you can do in order to increase the power of love in your health. 

The science of love is incredible! I’m excited to share a bit of what scientific studies by the Heartmath Institute have found regarding the connections between love and our health.

Learn about what heart coherency is and how it can be used to diminish some health issues including high blood pressure and respiratory problems.

If you’ve been traumatized or feeling sick and having a hard time feeling better, I will share different techniques to raise your oxytocin levels naturally. I will also be sharing other specific ways to care for your body in a loving way that encourages healing.

Key things to remember:

  • You are the hero in your healing journey and love is your superpower.
  • Focusing on love will make a huge difference when times are challenging.
  • The power in recognizing that your body is your FRIEND.
  • How to start a practice of self love through loving others.
  • The importance of vocally expressing appreciation to your body.
  • The roles of cortisol and how to raise your oxytocin levels naturally.
  • The vitally important roles of focus, breath and connection.

Watch the full video here:

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