The Difference Between Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity – Why some should avoid gluten completely

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“Gluten can cause a lot of different symptoms that you might not expect.”- Shiroko Sokitch🌸


Gluten is known to cause many different issues for those who are sensitive to it, but did you know that consuming gluten can be a cause of depression? In this recent Facebook Live, I talk about gluten and celiac and the many reasons why it may be beneficial to avoid gluten or even completely stay away from it.

I will also clarify what it means to have gluten sensitivity, what celiac disease is, and how gluten allergies are different. Ultimately, it is incredibly important to understand these key differences and what they may mean for your health. I will also touch on how you can develop celiac over time.

It is very important to remember that you have the possibility to heal from gluten sensitivity. So be sure to listen in to find out why it’s so important to take this seriously and what you can do to begin the healing process.💝

Key things to remember:

  • In case of gluten sensitivity or celiac, you may need to avoid gluten 100% of the time.
  • Try an elimination diet for a minimum of 3 weeks to help determine sensitivities.
  • An elimination diet means staying away from dairy, gluten, sugar, and sometimes for some people, other grains.
  • Consuming gluten can cause many different kinds of health issues.


Watch the full video here:

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