How to Take Care of Your Body During a Crisis

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My heart is hurting with the degree of loss and suffering that people are enduring in these very difficult times. Almost every day I hear of a new devastation. Right now, the crisis is very close to my heart and home, with the fires in Sonoma County where my office has been for 24 years.  The Larkfield area was my home for many years, to see it all gone was truly a shock. My heart is with all of you who have suffered in these times. Please know, if there is ANYTHING I can do for ANY of you struggling in these times, I will be there for you. This blog is written to help you take care of your bodies and souls in order to begin your healing from these traumas.



When you experience sudden loss, or trauma, your body goes into shock. Not necessarily the type of shock that would put you in the emergency room, but the sort where you feel glazed, and overwhelmed, and you may not be able to focus or think clearly, in a time when you might need to. Here are some things that will help you overcome this initial shock:

  • Aconitum Napellus: a homeopathic remedy that helps you get back in your body when you’ve experienced a sudden shock/trauma –  it comes in 30 C, or 200C, take it several times a day for three days. (I have this in my office for you to pick up at no charge if you are in Sonoma County)
  • Rescue Remedy: a Bach flower remedy that helps with trauma or emotional stress – comes in liquid or tablets that you can take several times a day
  • Holy Basil: an ayurvedic herb that helps support your adrenals – in times of severe stress, it will support your energy.
  • Acupuncture: acupuncture treatment will do amazing things to help you feel better.

Boost Your Immune System

Stress takes a toll on the immune system, setting you up for greater susceptibility to illness. When you’re in extreme circumstances, it’s important to give your body more protection. The following will help prepare your body for the road ahead:

  • Stay hydrated: drink as much water as you can, and make sure that you also get electrolytes as they are also necessary component of  hydration.
  • Increase Vitamin C: it helps your tissues heal, and supports your adrenals during stressful times in addition to supporting your immune system.
  • Increase Vitamin D
  • Protect yourself against potential infections in a disaster situation: take herbs such as Oregano oil, olive leaf, or berberine on a low dose as a preventive.

Dealing with Toxins

During our current crisis in Sonoma County, many people are dealing with extreme exposure to environmental toxins. There are so many pollutants in the air, it is extremely hard on the lungs, but also our liver, kidneys, and circulation. Certain supplements will support the body’s detoxification mechanisms.

  • N. Acetyl Cysteine: helps open the lungs, clear mucous, and helps the liver do it’s detoxing job. (If you are in Sonoma County, I have this in my office at no charge – come pick some up.)
  • Glutathione supplements: helps support both the liver and lungs while exposed to heavy toxins.
  • Colorful fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants that will support your body.
  • Resveratrol and CoQ10: two antioxidants that will support your circulation.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: supports both liver and blood sugar during stressful times.


Emotional Stress

Often, in the midst of a crisis, there is so much to do to regain your ground. There is no time to sit still and figure out what just happened or to feel the pain of loss because your survival is at stake. At the same time, emotions are high, and there is a lot to deal with. Please be patient with yourself during this time. Practice tender loving care of yourself and others whenever you can. Try to spend some moments to allow yourself to grieve and feel the pain you are in. This is a time to allow yourself to feel even if it seems overwhelming. Community support and nurturing are so helpful at this time. Take advantage of the many resources to support you. Lean on your friends and caretakers to help you. We are here for you.
My prayers, love, and good wishes go to each of you. Know that my practice and my office are available to help in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in your time of need. With all my love – Shiroko


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