Can You REALLY Heal Hashimoto’s?

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Chances are, you or someone you know is living with an autoimmune condition. Though often considered a thyroid disorder, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid. I often speak about it, because so many people have Hashimoto’s and don’t know it. I diagnose many people every month who didn’t know they had it. It has become the most common form of thyroid disorder in our country.  This is the season of the immune system, so I want to talk about the thyroid today because it is such an important part of the immune system. Symptoms include weight gain, mood disorders, hair loss and thinning, and more. Like most autoimmune disorders, healing starts with identifying the root cause of the disorder.

Finding The Root Cause

Hashimoto’s is often treated somewhat dismissively as a thyroid disorder that has to be treated with synthetic hormones. You are often told that you will have this condition for the rest of your life and will not heal. While this treatment may provide temporary relief from symptoms, it may also not be helpful because it doesn’t address the root cause. Since I was five years old, I have dedicated myself to finding solutions to problems that seem unsolvable, so when I learned that Hashimoto’s was so common, I dedicated myself to learning more. I believe in healing. Our bodies are miraculous systems, and when something is out of balance, they work twice as hard to restore harmony. Autoimmune conditions cause additional imbalances until the root cause is both discovered and addressed.

Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle

In order to heal Hashimoto’s we want to find out what made it happen in the first place. Autoimmune thyroid and other conditions are caused by inflammation. This is the body’s way of defending itself from potential harm. Like a swollen finger or seasonal allergies, inflammation tries to flush out the invading toxin to protect you. However, in autoimmune conditions, the body attacks its own, healthy cells.  Your body isn’t stupid, there’s a reason it’s attacking your thyroid. I always think of it as a child that’s crying, and you don’t know what’s wrong. When you have autoimmune disease, it’s like that, your body is screaming and we don’t know why. There are many great books out about how to get to the root cause of your thyroid issues, one of my favorites is The Hashimoto’s Protocol  by Dr. Izabella Wentz. Some of the steps involved in healing include:

  • Recognizing food allergies and also eliminating problematic foods
  • Detoxing your liver
  • Healing your adrenals
  • Finding the hidden infections that contribute to the problem
  • Correcting digestive imbalances
  • Managing your stress response through prayer, meditation, and gratitude

Building a Support Team

If you’re living with Hashimoto’s, finding the right support team is the first step. Choose a wellness provider familiar with Functional Medicine and testing to help you find the root cause and help you get the right treatment for healing. In addition, you have many online resources which will help you see that Hashimoto’s CAN be healed!! I’m so honored to be a part of this year’s Healing Hashimoto’s Summit which will provide you with access to over 30 experts who will tell you how to heal. It starts on November 6th and you will learn SOOOOO much! Including in my lecture how I use Chinese medicine to heal thyroid issues. This entire week-long event is no charge to you. Sign up here now: Healing Hashimoto’s Summit


To learn more about healing Hashimoto’s, click here to register for the FREE Healing Hashimoto’s Summit beginning November 6th. I’m also a contributor!


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