Spring Cleanse

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Hi Everyone:

As promised, the spring cleanse is here.

This is a brief intro to it. I plan to start on March 7th, a Sunday and go through March 15th.

There are 5 main components to this cleanse. I will post an addition on my web page blog at www.hearttoheartmedicalcenter.com for you to read about the details of each component every day. Then on March 7, I’ll begin the cleanse and send out recipes and suggestions as we go.

1. Green drinks

2. fiber and intestinal cleansing

3. Lots of vegetables – 50% of your food

4. Yoga or qi gong moves every morning

5. Forgiveness meditation – the emotion of the liver is anger, forgiveness is the way to love and compassion through the liver channel.

While doing this cleanse, I would recommend that you stop dairy, sugar, gluten containing foods, and alcohol.

If you have caffeine, I would suggest tea rather than coffee, with no milk or sugar in it.


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  • Marilyn Mueller


    I did a search for Amazon herbs and have found all sorts of strange hits. It seems there are many distributors of these herbs. May I ask how or where you have acquired them? DId you order online? Perhaps Sheldon’s here in Healdsburg carries this fiber supplement, or another local health food store like Community Market?

    I would very much like to participate in the cleanse that begins on March 7th. I’m so grateful that you are doing this, and am excited about the cleanse. You are truly a benefit to our community, and I know that sometime before long I will want to seek you out for treatment.

    Best regards,
    Marilyn Mueller

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