Pelvic pain relief beyond kegels – Why drinking more water can be so essential to your health

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Deep breathing is one of the most amazing things you can do in order to be more relaxed in your body.

– Dr. Shiroko Sokitch


In my video (from June 2020) I talked about Pelvic pain and how to find solutions beyond Kegels. I explained about the importance of deep breathing and shared a bit of my Qigong experience and how it can help to relax your body more.

Many times we overthink a lot and forget to breathe in deeply, which can cause some tension in the shoulders or other body parts. Your alkalinity and hydration can also be key areas to make changes that will help you improve your

Key things to remember:

  • How deep breathing relaxes your whole body.
  • The importance of drinking enough water.
  • Why dancing or moving your body often is so important.
  • Your pelvic health is all about reconnecting with your inner joy.
  • Why balance and lifestyle are key to your health.
  • Always listen to your body.
  • Bring more LOVE in your life, which can help you to heal and feel happy.


Watch the full video here:

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