Female Pelvic Freedom – Pelvic floor physical therapy for pelvic pain and post-menopause

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As you’re doing the breath-work, you have to do the visualization. Sometimes you need visualization, you need breath-work, you need positioning to accomplish the exercise.

– Isa Herrera


So many women are suffering in silent pain, embarrassment, and shame with pelvic conditions that include pain with intimacy, leaking, or pelvic organ prolapse – the situation surrounding us right now only makes that pain and isolation a thousand times worse. In a Facebook Live video (from June 2020) I had a discussion about how to heal your pelvic floor without leaving your house with my friend Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS. She’s the nation’s number one pelvic floor physical therapist who has NATURALLY healed over 14,704 women.

We need to stop being embarrassed and start talking about this… over 30 million women are suffering from issues like leaking, pain during sex, low to no orgasms, and loss of mobility. 50% of older women have pelvic organ prolapse. (Gerten 2012) 1 out of 3 women suffer from sexual pain (Coady, 2015) The truth is that 49% of all women leak urine. (Markland, 2011) But … while it’s common, it doesn’t mean it’s normal. …or that women should accept it as “just the way things are.”

Key things to remember:

  • Why dancing or moving your body often is so important.
  • Your pelvic is all about reconnecting with your inner joy.
  • The importance of drinking enough water.
  • Why balance and lifestyle is key to your health.
  • Everything is based on research, proven clinical experiences, and no chemicals.


Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/cVlzy3J4AVE

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