Part V of Spring Cleanse – Forgiveness

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The liver is the organ that is most active in spring time. It has to do with the emotions of anger and frustration, so you may notice that you find yourself somewhat more irritable than usual sometimes, especially on a windy day.

The best way to heal anger is to find that place of forgiveness inside of ourselves. In the 5 elements system, the liver leads to the heart, which represents the emotion of joy. To find joy, you need to find forgiveness.

For our cleanse, since we are focussing on the liver, I would like to have everyone do 5 minutes a day of forgiveness meditation. You can do anything you’d like but if you don’t have an idea of how to forgive, I would suggest the following. Imagine a situation or person that you still have anger towards. Review the situation in your mind, and let yourself feel all the anger and hurt you have.

Let it grow inside of yourself and think of the person you are angry with. Try to find the positive aspects of the experience you had, how did you grow from it? What did it help you to learn? Then find a way wihin yourself to let go of as much of the anger as you can. Find forgiveness within yourself. You may still find that you don’t want to talk to that person or have them in your life, but you can still forgive and find peace within yourslef about this issue.

Do this every day during our cleanse, if you want to use the same event over and over again, that’s okay.  Keep at it until you can feel the difference within yourself. 

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