Making a Healthy Detox Transition – Understanding how the liver works seasonally

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“Severe menstrual cramps are connected to liver and energy imbalance.”

– Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

When parts of us become imbalanced, they show us what’s going on in many different ways – you just have to look in the right places. The roles of the liver, the kidneys, and more can show us everything we need to know about what’s going wrong (or right) in your body. In this Facebook Live video, I talk about the liver and give some suggestions for things to do in order to help yourself have a healthier detox transition.

Did you know that, in Chinese Medicine, every organ has a time of year and all different kinds of functions? These elements have so much to do with your energy levels, emotions, stress, and more. Make sure you watch the full video until the end to learn more about it!


Key things to remember:

  • Kidneys are all about energy.
  • Springtime is all about your energy coming to life.
  • The liver rules the emotions.
  • Eating more organic food helps to support the liver in doing its job.
  • Spending time to be quiet and reflect on the goodness in your life reduces stress.

Watch the full video here:

Making a Healthy Detox Transition

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