Healthy Gifts for the Holidays

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Give Healthy Gifts for the Holidays

One of the things about the holidays that people either love or hate is the whole idea of buying gifts for everyone on their list. Whether you love shopping or not, most often you will find yourself wondering what would be an appropriate gift for your loved ones on your list.

I was thinking about this because there are so many people I love and appreciate in my life. How do I show them how much I love them? Being a bit of a rebel, I usually try to find ways of appreciating my loved ones by giving them gifts in different ways. Either by providing them with a service or by going off holiday times to buy them that special thing. But that might not work for you. So I had some ideas for how to honor your loved ones this season without engaging in retail madness.

Here are just a few ideas that might be a little bit out of the box, (so to speak)

Give the gift of health – one of my patients actually gave me a very beautiful gift the other day. She bought me a gift certificate for three acupuncture sessions. Her comment was, that I am always doing acupuncture on others; perhaps I would enjoy having a treatment myself. Give someone you love a session with your favorite healer. They probably all have gift certificates available.

 Give the gift of learning – I’ve been learning a lot on line lately. So many of my friends are doing educational programs on line. Whether you want to learn how to invent the next great bread slicer, or how to run an online business, or how to be smarter about your eating, the amount of information available on line is endless. Find something your loved one is interested in, and give them a gift certificate to take the course on line. If they have a health concern, you might give them a ticket to an online course about how to deal with that concern. (Although you’d never want to be preachy)

Give the gift of fun – What adventure would your loved one like that he would never buy for himself? Perhaps it’s just a weekend away at the nearest ski resort with lift tickets? Or a visit to a spa? Perhaps you don’t have a lot of money but want to give something really special – how about giving a gift certificate of an amazing hike with you? Or a day trip to the beach? You could go on a mission to find the best waterfalls within 50 miles of where you live and go to one every month. Or an offer to go to Disneyland for the weekend, I could go on and on with suggestions but you get my drift. Think of something fun and different to do that your loved one might never think of.

 Give the gift of sharing – We all have favorite charities, or organizations that need our help. At this time of year, so many people are suffering. Donate some money to a favorite charity in the name of your friend. Perhaps your friend cares deeply about saving the dolphins, or the environment. She might want to feed the hungry or help fight some disease. Millions of charities need our help.

 Make your gift – I used to think that the only gifts that had any meaning were the ones I made myself. I spent hours creating beautiful quilts, blankets, and jewelry, whatever craft I was involved in at the time, so that each of my gifts was special. I think my family probably didn’t appreciate my efforts much. But its still fun to give something you made. Or offer to make an amazing dinner at your home and set it up like its the finest restaurant for your special guests. You can make yummy homemade treats, or whatever other crafts you feel drawn to explore. Just make sure that the people you give it to will actually enjoy your efforts. Rather than stressing about the people on your list, find a way to have fun with your giving. When its fun for you, its usually more fun for the people you’re giving to.

Many blessings on this holiday season, may your time be filled with love and joy and fun.





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  • Malloy Karson

    Some of the best and most amazing people in my life have given me really shitty presents so to be honest It's all about how much time you spent finding the best present. And making it as amazing as possible for the person that you are gonna give it to. The Giftsa and have said the same in an interview long time ago.

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