“Get Rid of It”

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Have you ever noticed that when you have a negative feeling or are uncomfortable in some way, you want to “get rid of it?”  For years, whenever I felt jealous or angry or hurt, I would say, that I wanted to get rid of that negative emotion. I spent time trying to move faster through whatever it was I was feeling in order to get it over with. The thing I learned was that those feelings never go away. They stay with us and provide us with opportunities to slow down and learn something from ourselves.

We’re that way with our bodies too, always impatient, wanting to get rid of that cold or flu or sore back or cancer. One of my clients told me today that she just wants a pill to fix it now. We live in an instant coffee society. Always thinking that the quick fix will just make it better.

More and more, I think we’re all realizing there are no quick fixes. Our medical system is a mess, outrageously expensive, and overburdened much of it trying to find a quick fix.

We are souls inside of bodies. Sometimes our souls speak out through our bodies or emotions, asking us to grow and learn something new. We need to slow down in those moments and allow the process to occur with compassion, patience, and love. Even if you have a flu, there’s an emotional connection to it, that needs to allow itself to release through your body.

There’s no getting rid of your anger, hurt, or jealousy, there’s finding a way to navigate it so that it has space in your life. When you can have compassion for yourself in those moments, you may also suddenly find that there’s more room for the fun stuff too.

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