Balancing Hormones – Keto Green 16 and Menopause Relief with Dr. Anna Cabeca

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A little bit can go a long way – especially if we start incorporating it more and on a regular basis.

– Dr. Anna Cabeca


Women come to me dealing with the symptoms of perimenopause, wanting to find the right diet and find balance for their hormones. In this Facebook Live (May, 2020), I got to sit down for a quick chat with my dear friend, Dr. Anna Cabeca. She shares how her own journey with menopause led her to finding an incredible, healthy solution for balancing hormones and better dealing with the frustrating effects of menopause.

Anna shares how she came up with Keto Green 16 through taking important lessons and findings from her own journey. She discusses what it was like going through a 2nd round of menopause and dealing with a seemingly overnight weight gain. You’ll hear the important lessons she learned through the process and how she discovered how to bring her health and body back to a good place through adjusting her diet and her habits.


Key things to remember:

  • The experience of a second menopause and what Anna learned through that process.
  • The value of alkaline foods, keto and really tuning into what your body’s unique needs are.
  • Why mental and habitual change is so necessary to healing (just as much as diet changes).
  • The value of simplifying things for just 16 days and focusing on the brain clearing, brain boosting, energy boosting regime.
  • Optimal workout solutions and exercises you can do anywhere.
  • Why Anna recommends that you “Test don’t guess” and what that means.
  • What you can do right now to get started quickly and successfully.

Watch the full video here:

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