What makes one person get sick while another doesn’t

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Mark was talking to his doctor the other day, and asked a brilliant question, why didn’t he get the flu when all his co-workers were getting it. You may wonder this too. Sometimes it seems that you catch everything that walks by, and sometimes you feel almost invincible to the environment. Everything is made of energy.

Viruses, bacteria, and parasites are a part of the flow of energy in their environments. You can view them as opportunists, they go where the energy allows. When your body’s energy is weakened by stress, emotional trauma, fatigue, depression, overwhelm, or need to clear something, it allows these creatures to enter. Lets say you’ve been working a lot and feel like no one is there to support you. You’re a good martyr and continue the work. In fact, you’re so “good” that you do things for others even when you’re tired. Your energy field begins to look like a sieve, with holes everywhere. The flu virus comes along and finds an opening to enter. Your body uses this illness to clean out all the accumulated stress, and emotional trauma that you’ve been feeling. You may be so used to doing things this way, that you never even thought of yourself as a martyr. You may not even think of the illness as any big deal because everyone in the office has it too.

The question is, why didn’t Mark get sick? It might be that he exercises regulary, which is another way of clearing the accumulated emotions we have in our bodies. Or he may not be quite as much of a martyr. Or he may have been sick last year so his energy was not open to the virus.


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