What is it safe to eat?

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I’m visiting LA this week for a seminar. So that means I’m stuck in a big hotel for the next three days to learn as much as I possibly can. Luckily this time, there’s a mall walking distance away. When our 10 hour day of learning ended, I headed out there to get some “fresh” air and find myself dinner. 

I searched the stands in the mall for something reasonably healthy but also tasty. As I walked by the salad places, I thought about the pesticides they spray on the salad, and the bacteria accumulating in the raw lettuce. Then I walked past the burger stand. Well, you know what’s healthy about that – white bread, meat from who knows where and deep fried potatoes….nothing. 

I ended up eating a ramen place, getting noodles with vegetables and meat. Okay, really not any better than a burger except that the noodles were whole wheat and there were a few vegetables. There were mushrooms which absorb radiation from the environment, seaweed – from the ocean – which is full of spilled oil and chemicals, and meat – from who knows where. 

Its important to me to find healthy food, but as I wandered around The Avenue of the Stars I thought about how to get healthy food while travelling. Let me just tell you that the hotel restaurant wasn’t any better than those mall stands. 

First, I realized that you can never really guarantee the quality of what you eat unless you grow it, buy it at a local farmer’s market and cook it at home. That’s not possible for some people, especially when they’re staying in a hotel. In light of that, I came to the conclusion that we need lots of antioxidants to protect us from the food we eat!! I’ll continue these thoughts later, as I have to get to class now. 

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