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When it comes to detox, there’s a lot of bad information out there. The worst I see is the mistake of thinking that a cleanse is the same thing as a good detox. Cleanses have become so popular lately, but they really don’t do anything.


A cleanse really just makes you poop more. And for some reason, people think that makes them healthy! Which is true, but a cleanse is not the same as a good detox. With a cleanse, you’re not really excreting any extra toxins. You’re just pooping more. I talked before about the two phases of liver detox. Cleanses do nothing to help detoxify because they don’t provide nutrients, only laxatives.

So when choosing a detox, make sure you’re doing one that focuses on adding nutrients, not subtracting crap.

(Remember to be eating those veggies!)

Detox and Diet

Another problem I see with detoxing is restricting calories. Most people think a detox is a weight loss program so they eat less. You have to eat enough on any detox program because you’re trying to get enough nutrients and you want to support your body’s natural processes. Isn’t that awesome!

Now, this doesn’t give you a license to eat as much as you want. It’s really making sure you’re not eating too little. If you’re hungry, eat. Focus on eating more veggies and the fats that make them taste good (butter, ghee, olive oil, bacon grease, etc.)

Detox and Sleep

The last problem I see is that people don’t get enough rest when doing a detox. They continue to live their hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. Most people underestimate how much energy detox and digestion takes. Think about it. If you don’t exercise at all during the day, you’re still burning more than 1000 calories.

It takes a lot to keep your body machine going. But when you’re stressed out and working a ton, you’re diverting much needed energy away from digestion and detoxification. So whenever you do a detox, make sure to get enough rest to give the body the resources it needs to excrete all those toxins.

To sum up this lesson:

  • Make sure you’re detoxing and not just pooping (cleansing)
  • Make sure you’re eating enough high quality food – especially veggies!!
  • Make sure you’re sleeping enough and giving your body plenty of rest

Ask me anything!

Hopefully this has helped to shed some light on detoxes and liver cleansing. And some self acupressure for healing. Let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with and be sure to join me for my next live Q&A on Facebook! It will be this Thursday the 14th at 7:30pm

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