Treating Memory Loss with Nutrition

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Everything we do can affect our ability to remember in both positive and negative ways. If you only eat once a day and you have only highly processed foods, it will cause you to forget everything. But if you eat a healthy balanced diet with protein at each meal and keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day, your brain will be happy to help you find the name of your neighbor.  Remember that the brain is fueled by glucose – sugar. That means it needs a steady supply all day to keep it functioning well. It does not mean that you should eat candy bars all day however.

 American diets are deficient in Vitamin D and omega fatty acids, both of which are key elements to help our brains function at their best. You can have your vitamin D levels checked at your doctors office. Omega fatty acids are available in capsules in the form of fish oil, flax oil or combinations. You can also get them in your diet by eating enough of high quality oils such as olive oil, other nut oils, nuts.  Walnuts are especially good for your brain….they are shaped like it after all.

 We have ways of measuring hormones and brain chemicals, which can help us understand what is the cause of a particular memory problem. Maximizing your hormones and brain chemistry will definitely help support your brain function. There are also several interesting supplements to help with memory loss. Low dose lithium has been shown to help support memory and brain function in people who take it.

 And lastly, if you exercise your brain it’s just like exercising your body, it tends to work better when you do. Puzzles and games like scrabble, crosswords, sudoko, and reading books that aren’t too easy to understand keeps your mind active and engaged. Gary who developed Alzheimers at a fairly young age, would always do better when he traveled to new places, it stimulated his brain. 

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