The Power of Yes

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I love hero movies. One of my favorite is the Matrix, but they’re all pretty similar. The story line usually has a person who is marked for greatness. Someone tells him he is the hero. He doesn’t believe it or get it right away. Some drama occurs and he has to prove himself through a series of trials. Usually it gets really dire before he wins the battle against all odds. This is how I feel about the healing journey. Sometimes it’s not easy to get there, but its always worth it.

 The other day I was hiking with a friend talking about her health. She had many issues that have troubled her for a long time. She recently began asking me for advice, so I took the opportunity to speak with her about saying yes to her healing.

 I’ve been helping people with all sorts of issues for 20+ years. Many times I’ve had the privilege of working with them through healing of an illness. I realized that walking a healing path is quite different from going to see a doctor and asking her to fix a problem. I’ve done both, almost in equal degrees but my training is focused on fixing a problem probably due to my years as an ER doctor.

 Healing is a journey of learning to listen to the messages your body and spirit are sending you. When you have a simple physical condition, that gets better without struggle, you just go back to your ordinary life without giving it too much thought. When you have a problem that won’t go away no matter what you do, or seems to come back over and over, you’re receiving a message. It isn’t always clear what that message is. Finding your way can be frustrating and painful sometimes.

 When you embark, it isn’t always a linear path. It engages both the healer and the healee in a journey of learning to listen, trust, and have patience. Much like our lives are a mirror for our path, our bodies are also a mirror for our path of learning. By learning to listen to your body, you gain understanding of your self through the process.

 There are several keys to being successful with this journey.

  1. Say yes to your healing – no matter what
  2. Never give up – keep searching for your answer
  3. Listen to your inner knowing
  4. Find a person you trust to help you
  5. Stick with it


1-Along with trust, saying yes is an amazingly powerful word. When you say yes, you are agreeing to go through what it takes to heal. Try it for yourself, decide for one day that you will say yes, and see how it feels.

 2-Never give up. No matter how much of a challenge you have, no matter who says you can’t get better, no matter what negative language you hear or tell yourself, never give up on finding your solution. Even if something seems like it didn’t do anything, everything is leading you someplace eventually. Keep searching for your answer.

 3- Listen to your own inner knowing. Over the years so many of my clients have told me that they knew something was wrong before they were diagnosed with a dread disease. You probably have experiences of knowing when you need to drink water, maybe just because you’re thirsty but that is a signal of listening to your body. Even a craving for certain foods is your body trying to tell you something, and learning to interpret them will be healing.

 4-When you decide to heal a condition, or if you just want to work with someone to improve your health overall, you should find a person you feel safe with and trust. On the healing path, trust is one of the main elements of the process. This doesn’t mean that you give up your decision making to another. You have to work with a person you feel you can trust so that a part of you can relax.

 5-Healing takes time, you have to stick with it, this might seem like another way of saying never give up but its slightly different. Stick with it means that you keep on doing the things you feel are right for your healing and don’t let yourself get discouraged. You may be on the right path but not feel better right away things take time to change.

 Kaylie had been ill for 5 years with recurrent sinus infections. She was always on antibiotics. As a singer she would easily lose her voice, which was quite difficult for her. When she came to me she wanted to get well, but wasn’t sure that she wanted to do everything required for her health. For the first 6 months, she still got infections but really wanted to stay off antibiotics. We used herbs, supplements, and acupuncture to keep her off them. It took three years for her to get to where her immune system was balanced. She has not been sick in five years.




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  • lorenzo jones

    Your blog is spot on Dr. Shiroko! Thank you for reminding us that it's okay to check in…and most importantly take action. As I'm often saying to my clients "Experience your Experience" and then take the steps to shift the experience if you desire!

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