The Healing Power Of Love

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Have you ever noticed that when you’re in love, everything feels good? Your body feels great. Emotionally, you can’t be stopped. Even the usual stressors at work or at home don’t get you down. It’s almost as if love gives you superpowers! Whether it’s romantic love, love for friends, love for a child, or even love for a stranger, our world feels brighter, happier, and more available to us when we are experiencing love. We feel alive!

If you think about it, every great mythical quest throughout time—from Homer’s Odyssey to the story of Superman—begins and ends with love. Love flames our passion and our drive. It brings meaning into our lives. It is something you carry inside of you and can use at any moment, in any situation. So, it only makes sense that, as we embark upon our healing journey, we begin with the elemental, essential and transformative superpower of love.

Love is the greatest healing force in the universe. It is beyond an emotion. It is a bond, an energy, an experience. In its purest form, love creates balance and unity.

Defining love can be tricky because we all have different experiences of love and each of them is real. In the context of the 1st Key, Love is the balancing and harmonious energy inside of you that comes from your heart, from the center of your being. By its very nature—of being balancing and harmonious—love is healing energy.

What Love Can Do For You

When we allow love to color our worldview, it generates appreciation, kindness, empathy, and care. When we relate to the world around us with a focus on love, it changes our experience. It changes us. It can start with something as simple as trying to make the person in front of you happy, which generates warmth, laughter, positivity…essentially, love.

For so long in my life, I thought love existed outside of me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to truly know love unless I felt it from someone else. Perhaps because of my upbringing, where I did not receive expressions of love, I was always searching to find more love, always looking for validation outside myself. Eventually, I came to realize that even when I experience love with someone else, it is me experiencing that love. The feelings I have are mine. Love exists inside of me, inside each of us, and it has the potential to be a limitless source of energy.

When we are in pain or struggling, it can often feel like love has been taken away. The 1st Key helps us understand the limitless energy of love that exists within our own hearts and the significant role it plays in healing.

Love is your healing Superpower! Stay tuned for the ways that love helps you heal in upcoming blogs.

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