Heart to Heart Medical Anniversary: The End of 2012

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I don’t know about you all but this last month has been pretty intense. In addition to the shooting in Connecticut, I’ve seen many people with severe health issues, struggles as they move forward in their lives, big decisions that they need to make, and of course the usual holiday stresses.

I want to take a moment with this column to update you on the changes at Heart to Heart Medical Center. In the last month I moved both of my offices, the one in Santa Rosa, is now across from the Coddington Whole Foods, at 2200 Range Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA. My Novato office is now at 100 Professional Center Drive Suite 112, Novato, CA.  My office hours have also shifted so that I will be more available in Santa Rosa again. I will only be in Novato on Thursdays going forward.

Heart to Heart Medical Center 20 Year Anniversary

This move marks the end of an era of Heart to Heart Medical Center being in the northern end of Santa Rosa. Our new neighborhood is quite active compared to the outskirts of the airport where it was. It also marks the beginning of our 20th year being in Sonoma County. Can you imagine that?

Over the 20 years of working in Sonoma County I’ve been committed to helping my patients think outside the box of whatever care is available to them. My mission is to help empower you to have your optimal health, find the solutions that will work for your body, and help you understand that healing is possible, no matter what you are struggling with.

Your Health is Our Goal

When we first started Heart to Heart Medical Center 20 years ago, we had many practitioners sharing space, over the years we changed to the point that for the last nine years I’ve been working alone. This coming year, we will begin to have other practitioners in our space again. I am seeking like-minded physicians, chiropractors, other acupuncturists, massage practitioners, and therapists who might be interested in sharing space with in our beautiful new location. I have always loved integrative care and being able to provide all that in the same space. Let me know if you know someone or are interested.

As we move forward into 2013, we can reflect on all that we’ve learned in 2012, the ways we’ve grown and what we’ve accomplished, but perhaps most of all, the ways we would like to be better in our lives. My goals for 2013 include being the best healer that I can be in the world and bringing you the best of myself in all that I do. I wish you a peaceful, happy, fulfilled transition into the new year as you enjoy these quiet reflective moments at the end of the year. All the love and healing to you. Happy New Year!!!

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