Supplements for Treating Flu

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Supplements for Treating Flu, Flu Prevention and Healing Flu When you Got it.

A few years ago I wrote a blog about how to use supplements to prevent, or heal from the flu if you get it. Keep this in mind when we get closer to fall, which is the time of year to pay more attention to this, but…that being said, a lot of people also get ill during spring with all the weather changes.

Lately a lot of people have asked me about it so I thought I’d rewrite it with the new knowledge I’ve gained in the last few years.

In Chinese medicine, it’s really important to treat your immune system with respect and to give yourself the right care. There are herbs for every stage of illness. Making sure you get the right ones and heal properly can help you prevent long-term complications down the road.

There’s a huge book called the Shang Han Lun – Treatise on Colds and Fever – written over 2500 years ago – about how to treat colds and fever. So you know this blog isn’t going to do it justice in just a few hundred words. But it will get you started in taking proper care of yourself if you begin to get sick.

There are 4 stages of treatment. The first is prevention – before you get sick. The second is as you first begin to have symptoms, the third is after you’re already ill and the fourth is recovery.

Stage 1 – Prevention

  • Vitamin D 2-5000IU per day , measure levels
  • Vitamin C 500mg-3000mg per day
  • Omega Fatty acids 1500mg per day
  • A good multi
  • Host Defense – organic medicinal mushrooms for immune protection

Stage 2 – Early stages

  • If you have sore throat – gargle with diluted hydrogen peroxide – 3 times in one hour. Do that just when it starts. You can prevent getting sick if you do it in time. Dilute normal H2O2 with equal amounts water, gargle and hold in back of throat for a minute at a time. Repeat in 20 minutes.
  • Take an herbal formula such as Wellness formula or Echinacea – or Yin Qiao – 3 capsules – take it every 2-3 hours until you have stopped the flu from coming.
  • Increase Vitamin C to 3-5000 mg – it can help you get better faster
  • Increase Vitamin D to 20000 IU in one day – also speed recovery
  • Rest and drink enough water
  • Stay away from any sugar, dairy, or gluten – increases mucous and weakens immune system.
  • You can do nasal washes with a neti pot – 1 t sea salt in a cup warm water
  • Steam inhalation – boil a big pot of water – put some aromatherapy such as eucalyptus or thieves in the water (just one or two drops) Cover your head with a towel over the pot and inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes. Helps clear sinuses

Stage 3 – You’re sick now, Keep taking care of yourself.

  • Depending on your symptoms – you need specific herbs to help you heal the right way.
  • Try to avoid using things like decongestants and cough suppressants because they will prolong the illness
  • Avoid dairy, grains, drink lots of fluids
  • If you have to take medications, take them at night when you need the sleep.

Stage 4 – Recovery

  • If you have a lingering dry cough, there are Chinese herbs for healing your lungs from that – One formula is called wise judge –
  • If you are left with low energy – see your local acupuncturist for help recovering.
  • Astragalus is an herb that heals your lungs and your energy after an illness, it also boosts your immune system.
  • Black Elderberry syrup or capsules is great for healing your lungs
  • Lower your dose of Vitamin D back to normal
  • Keep your Vitamin C dose high enough to help strengthen your immune system
  • Continue with Host Defense – it will help you continue the recovery process.

Remember to only buy high quality clean supplements that will not add to the problems.






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  • Sharon

    You are so helpful to post the healing from cold and flu at this time. I am driving across the country and do not have any of my wellness books with me and have been fighting a cold, sinus pain, cough and exhaustion for over a week. My gratitude is endless for this info.
    I look forward to the day when we might meet. I am halfway home to my home in the Adirondack Mountains and with your advice the remaining days will be much lighter….

    • Shiroko Sokitch, MD

      I’m so happy that you found this helpful! Blessings on your travels and may you return home feeling great!

  • Kairi Gainsborough

    I had no idea how many different things you can do to help prevent from getting sick with the flu. I always do my best to try and stay healthy during flu season, because I hate missing work and school. I know you can get things like vitamin D and C from the pharmacy, but it looks like I might have to visit a medical center for more specific advice. I’ll try this out the next time I am worried about getting sick, thanks for all the great advice advice on staying healthy and recovering quickly.

    • Shiroko Sokitch, MD

      You’re welcome, – yes, taking care of yourself properly when you have the flu is important.

    • Shiroko Sokitch, MD

      You’re most welcome, I’m glad you found the information helpful.

  • Debbie

    I enjoyed hearing you speak on the Healing Hashimoto’s Summit. It was refreshing to see a doctor who truly cares & loves her patients. Wish you were closer, so I could come to you as a patient. In checking out your website, I came across this timely article. I have been taking Coldclear and Flemclear Chinese herbs to assist in my getting well from a cold/flu virus, but my body can’t seem to completely get rid of the last little bit: slightly hoarse voice, off & on slight inner ear soreness, clear/whitish/little tan colored phlegm in the morning. These herbs seem to help at keeping things from getting worse, but not in completely getting rid of them. Will the Host Defense that you mention in your article be better than the ones I’m taking?

    • Shiroko Sokitch, MD

      Hi Debbie
      thank you for your kind words. The host defense is a mushroom formula mostly I use it for prevention, it’s my version of the flu shot.
      The herbs you’re taking seem to be the right ones for the symptoms you describe although I would have to see your pulse and tongue in order to be sure.
      If you’re not getting better, I’d up your herbs a little bit, and then add vitamin C and vitamin D to the mix. You can up your vitamin C until it gives you diarrhea, then back down. Let me know if that helps? love Shiroko

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