Progress report on the cleanse

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Well, this is day 3 of the cleanse for those of us who started on Sunday. Its been fun so far and a lot more work for me than I’m used to doing for my food. Usually…..(I know this is bad) I eat at restaurants often because I’m so busy and I have a lot of meetings. The one thing I keep forgetting when I agree to meet someone at a restaurant is that I can only eat vegetables and protein. Fortunately by the time I get there, I remember.

The other thing is the forgiveness meditation. I’ve found it to be very healing on a certain level. I haven’t really got anyone that I’m still holding a major grudge with anymore, but I have a low grade hurt that causes my attitude to be a certain way. That’s healing with this meditation.

I’d love to hear anyone’s experiences here if you’re having any. Perhaps you just feel a bit better from eating so many vegetables? Or the exercises are feeling good?



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  • Marilyn Mueller

    This cleanse is really something for me. I began on Sunday. Monday purged a lot of stuff. Am finding it challenging to stay away from dairy as I LOVE cheese. And also am unable to completely stay away from coffee, but have cut down considerably. The green drink is not unpalatable, but not as tasty as I thought it might be, either. Nevertheless, I feel good about drinking it. I feel like I’m being healed of a lot of sadness this week. I’ve been carrying around anger, mostly at myself about some relationship stuff, and am practicing putting that aside, forgiving myself. I do a few minutes of metta (lovingkindness) practice whenever a think of it, throughout the day. There is someone with whom I feel anger and hurt, but mostly hurt. And a good deal of sadness. It doesn’t feel like getting stuck, though, but as though it is working its way through me. I’ve heard people say that emotional stuff comes up during a cleanse, and that is certainly true for me. I feel raw and tender, but no that will also pass. Besides, what’s wrong with a little tenderness?

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