Perimenopause: The Beginning of Your Metamorphosis

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This month, we will be talking about Peri-menopause and it’s myriad symptoms. Peri-menopause begins several years before menopause and is the process of your body’s hormones transitioning towards menopause. You’re not necessarily going to stop having periods, as it may be years before that happens, but it’s the time when your hormones begin to shift. The age range for peri-menopause is usually around age 35 to 55. You may begin to experience symptoms as early as your mid-30s. By definition, you will not be in “menopause” until you haven’t had a period for a year.perimenopauseA lot of women think that this is just a time in which you have to suffer – but that is not true! This can be a time of the development of your magical wisdom and maturity. Symptoms of peri-menopause include irritability, weight gain, sleep problems, PMS, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive, and even changes in your hair. There are a lot of natural solutions that can help solve the root cause of these symptoms.

Maintaining the Balance

As an expert of both Chinese and Western medicine, I take the best of both worlds when it comes to healing. In Chinese medicine, the central idea is that you’re made up of energy. This energy travels through your body in certain patterns. When this energy is out of balance, there are problems. So getting your body in balance is what helps you reduce or eliminate these symptoms. Acupuncture and herbs can easily help you stay balanced through this time and make it easy for you. Stay tuned this month for more information and tips on dealing with peri-menopause.

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