ObamaCare and Our Healthcare Crisis

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Originally published at JenningsWire.com.

ObamaCare has been limping along for a few weeks now, creating the much-anticipated havoc in many of our lives.

Some of us will pay a lot more for insurance that covers less, while others will actually have affordable coverage for some of their health needs.

Whatever happens with ObamaCare, it will still not improve the overall cost of what I call our “illness care system.”

My main problem with our healthcare system is that it does not pay for people to maintain their health.

It’s all about finding disease based on certain defined parameters and if you don’t fit those parameters, you aren’t sick.
As a physician who has practiced a blend of Chinese and Western integrative medicine in Northern California for 20 years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people find what good health means for them.

I have never had a patient say they feel healthier because they take cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes medications.

I once did a survey in my networking group asking what it meant for them to be healthy. Many said “without illness”. Some said being healthy meant having plenty of energy.

Others said that it meant being able to do the things they want to do in their lives without struggle. Each individual has a different definition of what good health means for them, but it rarely involves being placed on medication for the rest of their lives.
Most things that I do for my health are not covered by my insurance, and never will be.

I will continue paying for my insurance to make sure that in case I ever need catastrophic care, I won’t go bankrupt.

For 20 years now, I’ve done everything in my power to practice preventative medicine and to teach my patients how to be in command of their health. Our healthcare crisis will not end with ObamaCare. It will end when each individual has reclaimed the power of his/her own health.


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