Making Your Dreams Come True

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Making Your Dreams Come True


Here we are again at the start of another new year. With the new year millions of people promise to themselves a resolution of change. For many it’s a personal resolution like quitting smoking or losing weight. Some resolve to discovering new hobbies. Yet others envision all of their dreams coming true! But if you’ve ever made a new year’s resolution, you’re likely not surprised to know that 80% of them fail before the end of February! Why is that? What’s missing? 

One word: Commitment 

You see, if we want anything, we must make it happen ourselves! But first, it takes commitment. Commitment by us to do whatever it takes, to see it through to the end, and to act on every step necessary to achieve the goal.

Think of it like baking a cake. Let’s say you’re going to bake a delicious red velvet cake from scratch. You have all the ingredients set out on the counter. Flour, salt, eggs, honey (because processed sugar is bad!). You have a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. (I found a gluten free vegan recipe for this – for one of my friend’s birthday! I even used beet powder to give it color) Ok, great! Now to go from an idea of a yummy, warm cake to tasting that moist, red velvet goodness, a bit of action is required on your part! You need to carefully measure each ingredient and put it into the bowl. Not finished yet! What if you didn’t stir the ingredients? Your cake would have the strangest taste as the flour, salt and eggs would be in separate parts, right? That’s not at all what you had in mind! You can’t forget to stir it up! Then, you pour the batter in a pan, bake it at just the right temp and voila, red velvet cake! But not without a bit of effort, at every stage, by you. 

So think of your goals and dreams as that red velvet cake. It will not taste the way you envision without your commitment to put in the work. From the point of an idea or dream of what you want there’s steps and stages to getting to the final product, or seeing your dreams come true. You begin with the ingredients. You decide what it will take to make your dreams a reality. And then you act on it. You commit to it. You stir it up. And then you perform the next step and the next until you have what you want!

Of course, my favorite way to think about New Year is that it’s a new year every day. So when I get up every morning I figure out what to commit myself to for the “year” or day. And then I head out to do it. Right now, my commitment is to complete a project that will help me take my functional medicine board exams in April. I need to get it done by a certain time frame. Which I’m having the hardest time doing today!

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