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Menopause…that word freaked me out when I was beginning to approach it in my late 40s. I did not want to go through it, or feel like I was aging. Have you ever felt like that? Are you facing menopause and aging with dread? I’m well past menopause now, and it went well. There are many ways to approach this time of life with grace and ease. Today’s blog is going to share with you some tips and a report to help you deal. If the symptoms of Menopause are negatively affecting you, this may change your life!

Magical Menopause

Do you feel like you’re at the mercy of haywire hormones and rampant discomfort? You may unintentionally be making…

3 Menopause Mistakes That Leave You Feeling Fat, Tired, and Stressed.

Which also happens to be the name of the special report created by my friend and colleague Dr. Anna Cabeca.

Dr. Anna is a gynecologist and age management hormone specialist who has dedicated her life to helping you enjoy this amazing, new phase of life.

Imagine if you could have all the benefits of being your age — all the glorious wisdom, skills and experience you’ve collected over the decades, but without the annoying symptoms to slow you down!

Interested to know where you stand among other women your age?

Take Dr. Anna Cabeca’s Menopause Report Card Quiz.

In this short, fun quiz, you will answer 10 questions that will reveal your customized Report Card.

I’m here to tell you that living a wonderful, symptom-free life is possible. Dr. Anna is in her 50s and she has more energy, clarity, health, and joy than she did in her 30s. There’s a point at which you can change how you feel and create hormone harmony.

If you feel like menopause symptoms are dictating your quality of life, then be sure to attend her upcoming 3 Secrets for Creating Hormone Harmony webinar.

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