Idiopathic medical problems

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Have you had a medical problem that you didn’t understand, or worse yet, that your doctor didn’t seem to understand? In medical school, we called these problems, “idiopathic” meaning the doctor didn’t know what the patient had.  Quite often we’re willing to accept a level of physical discomfort unsure how to go about solving it or just frustrated because we haven’t found a solution within the things we know how to do. If you’re willing to step outside of the box of whatever you know, you might find a new way to heal your body.

Allie had a cough for 10 years. She had been to many medical doctors and had tests and many diagnoses. None of them brought her results. One doctor told her she had a disease from smoking even though she had never smoked. He told her that she was just in denial about her smoking. Chinese herbs and acupuncture were able to help her begin to heal her lungs.

I have another man who had symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome for years. He was given all sorts of medical tests without results, and even saw an acupuncturist who told him to change his diet.Everything helped a little but when he came to me, but he was still having discomfort in his intestines. No one had tested him for parasites, which is what he had. When I treated him, he told me that he noticed an emotional change as the parasites disappeared from his body.

We all have times when we feel like we don’t understand what our bodies are trying to say to us. Never give up trying, even if you don’t find the answer right away, the journey to healing the problem is also an important part of your process.



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